Innovation distinguishes the leader from the follower.

Mark van de Mortel is a dynamic and innovative education professional with more than 27 years experience in education of which 20+ years in schoolmanagement. He is currently serving as principal at a middle and high school in the Netherlands.

Mark has a masters in Educational Management (MEM) and a diverse range of skills, including blended learning and integration of 1-1 devices in teaching.

His expertise is further highlighted through numerous certifications such as Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE, class of 2017), Google for Education Certified Innovator (#SWE17), Trainer & Champion.

Mark is also an accomplished online educational author, with focus on personalised learning and leadership in education. His extensive experience in various educational roles and his commitment to incorporating technology and AI in teaching methods mark him as a leader in educational innovation.

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Workshops that create a dynamic learning environment, fostering creativity and technological proficiency

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Strategic consultancy offering practical, innovative solutions for education professionals.

Most recent portfolio

Google for Education

Panelist AI in education @ BETT

AI-Ready: Elevating Educators for the Future of Education

A panel discussion with educators around AI and education. AI isn’t just the future—it’s shaping our present. This session was dedicated to empowering educators by providing insights and tools necessary to harness AI’s capabilities in streamlining processes and reducing administrative hurdles.

artificial intelligence

AI Advisory Board

I started an AI Advisory Board at the where I’m principal. An AI Advisory Board is a group of students, parents/guardians and school employees who advise the management on matters related to AI. We choose how to deal with AI in education and discuss practical use cases and experiences through the lens of parents, teachers, students and staff.

Google for Education

Google Champions Symposium
Dublin, Ireland

I was selected to attend this symposium where I had the opportunity to explore the newest advances in educational technology – including the latest and future innovative education tools from Google, deepen my skills including the ability to increase my ability to support, inspire, and train colleagues, connect with some of the most innovative educators from around the world to learn from their experiences and share the successes from my community.
I gained insight into the latest emerging technologies and pedagogies, increased my skills to feed back into your system and connected with other transformational education leaders from around the globe.